A beautiful way to start the day that I would like to share with you, and which I learned from skilled darling Nadja Benschop.

Take a moment in the morning just after you got up to sit and breathe. Notice breath going in and out. Connect to yourself, your wisdom & creativity, and to the earth.

And from that place, let an intention arise for yourself for this day.

Then, let an intention arise for the group, family or community you live in.

And finally an intention for the world, for the earth.

Take some time to feel these intentions, sit in them and their power.

And then notice it is already so.
>  this reminder is so powerful for me. There is an automatic pattern within me of starting to ‘work hard’ to get these intentions to come true. But – no. This helps me so much to relax into it and just enjoy the creation <3

This morning, the intention arose for me to work in the flow and with peace today. It keeps re-visiting me whenever I start to go into ‘rushing mode’, like a gentle pull-back: “Hey honey, you intended to work in the flow and with peace.” So lovely. So helpful.

What is your intention for this crisp new day?

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