Coaching and facilitation


Kersti Coaching & Training offers guidance to both individuals and groups. Guidance in finding their own answers, from the vision that people can radiate in their personal and professional life when they stop searching – and find themselves.

I can help you to return to yourself, towards your own inner core. And subsequently, to live and work from there – full of strength and passion.
I am coaching people in several areas: personal life (life coaching) and professional life (career guidance, job coaching, job marketing).

For whom?

Coaching is beneficial for anyone who is motivated to look at themselves sincerely. For anyone who wants to work on his or her personal development. And has a genuine desire to change themselves.

I am experienced in coaching people of various backgrounds and educational levels: both recent graduates and professionals in governmental institutions or business, from academic level to other levels of education. Because of my international background, I also coach expats. I have lived abroad twice (in the UK and in Belgium), I speak English fully fluently and my French and German are up to par. I understand what an expat may go through.


Naturally, I look at and listen to my client. I tailor my techniques and coaching forms to the client who is in front of me. Apart from talking, it might be that you will start drawing, do relaxation or breathing exercises, undergo reiki, will brainstorm or mindmap… All of this can be part of a coaching process. When being coached, you will work yourself – guided by me.
A technique I am particularly experienced in, is the Work of Byron Katie. The Work is a way to identify and investigate the thoughts and convictions living within you that cause your pain, your stress and your suffering. I invite you wholeheartedly to contact me for more information or a free intake: or +31 (0)6 275 234 19.


I give trainings and workshops for groups. This will set you to work together, for example to (re)discover yourself in your life or your career. Apart from this I design, organize and facilitate sessions to enhance a breakthrough for (group)processes which have stagnated. I do this, amongst others, as a facilitator at LEF future center.

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